Log Books


The museum is very fortunate to have an extensive (and growing) collection of log books. Some of these log books date back as far as WWI and provide a terrific look back in history through the eyes of pilots, navigators and Air Bombers as they trained for war or a career in commercial aviation. We also have aircraft journey logs and even notebooks kept by training pilots and aircrew in the 2nd World War.

We hope that by making our collection list available online it will help educate, aid in research and maybe even reunite someone with a relative. If you see a book in our list that you would like a closer look at (either in person or perhaps even photographed), please contact us to make arrangements.

If you have a log book you would like to donate, please contact us. We would love to have your book(s) as part of our collection.

Log Books can be found in the following categories below or to the left of the page in our Collection menu

Pilot - Military
Aircrew - Military
Pilot - Civil
Aircraft Journey

We will have our log book lists posted soon. Please check back!