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Springtime in Paris.

What's this? Is the Museum operating flights to Paris now? How long is the trip? How much does it cost?
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Sopwith Pup

 The Museum's project to build two replica Sopwith Pups took a huge step forward on 12 January, 2017 with the flight of the first Pup.

The first Pup is airborne with the Coast Mountains as a backdrop.
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Around the Museum

While the building of two Sopwith Pup replicas is taking front stage at the Museum, other volunteers are quietly continuing with other essential work.

The RH fuel tank on the Waco has now been removed by Bill
so that pinhole leaks can be repaired.
The cavity in the upper wing will be inspected before the fuel tank is installed and the
fabric covering replaced. Maintaining vintage aircraft in airworthy condition is never easy!


Bill is removing the fabric wing covering over the RH fuel tank on the Waco Cabin biplane.
It is a slow process that will allow the fuel tank to be removed and examined.
Expert woodworker, Les, prepares the forward fuselage coaming on the Tiger Moth
under restoration. Is there just a suggestion of a 1960s 'hair-in-curlers' morning?


Do you have aircraft maintenance or other technical skills? We would love to hear from you. See;


It's a runner...

The Sopwith Pup No. 1 has started into its test program with the first engine runs on 10 November. 

Museum members involved in the building of the Pups pose with the first aircraft.
From left: Sam, Wayne, Peter, Jim, Phil, Mike, Ray (Team Lead), and Dave.
On the other side of the prop: Allan, Vic, Bruce, Bruce, Dave and Bill.
(Photo credit: Ann Fessenden)


The Canadian Museum of Flight is one of the few places in the world to see a reconstruction of a WW2 Handley Page Hampden light bomber. One of these rare aircraft is being restored at the Royal Air Force Museum at Cosford, UK. See a link on our website at;
Have you checked out our Aviation History section? There are details of the people and the aircraft that made history in BC. See;
This WW2 photo shows Langley personality, Art Seller, with his Hawker Typhoon.
Partial funding of dispalys at the Museum provided by the Township of Langley through their Community Grants program.


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