Flypast at the Vimy Memorial

 The Museum and Vimy Flight participated in a flight to remember the aircarft that participated in the opening of the Canadian National Vimy Monument in July 1936.
The Vimy Monument as viewed from the Museum's SE5A.
Museum and Vimy Flight aircraft fly over the Vimy Monument
recreating the flight at the opening of the Monument in 1936.
The 'squadron' of replica aircraft that were on hand for the Vimy commemoration.
The Pup that Museum volunteers built is on the right.
In the spirit of the time, visitors pose with the Museum's Pup in the colours of Sub-Lt. Fall.
Not far from everyone's mind was the memory of those who gave their lives in 1917.

Museum crew in action at Vimy

Museum Team Lead, Ray, with Alisdair and Pup 'Happy'.
The colour scheme honours pilot, Lt-Cdr Lloyd Breadner, of Ontario.
Museum pilot, Al, with technician Phil and the SE5A 'Gogi'.
The markings honour pilot, Captain Donald MacLaren, of Ottawa.
Museum technicians, Jim and Sam, with Pup 'Betty/Phyllis'.
The colour scheme honours the pilot, Flt-Cdr Joseph Fall, of Vancouver Island.
CMF pilot, Al French, (center) with the Museum's SE5A at Lens Airport.
For additional information see Vimy Flight;
and their Facebook page;

April 9, 2017: Unveiling of "Victory At Vimy Ridge"

In celebration of the April 9th Vimy flyover in France, the Museum held its own Vimy commemoration featuring the unveiling of “Victory at Vimy Ridge” by BC artist, Doby Dobrostanski.
Victory at Vimy Ridge” depicts the Museum’s own “Betty” in her wartime element, 100 years ago. Doby’s interpretation of the event is amazing, showing elements of the ground and air battle.
Three generations of the Fall family were present for the unveiling of the canvas.
A limited number of prints were available for purchase. Some of the proceeds from the sale of the prints will be donated by the artist to the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 232, and the Canadian Museum of Flight.
Carla addressing the Fall family and guests at the unveiling of the painting.
Sub-Lt. Joes Fall's son, Mike, addressing the group about the life of his father.
The Fall family unveil the canvas showing the Sopwith Pup in action in WW1.
The artist, Doby Dobrostanski, stands with his masterpiece of
Joe Fall's Sopwith in action over the trenches.
The painting details the air war, the carnage on the ground and the
Canadian monument to the Battle at Vimy Ridge.
For more on the artist from Gillies Bay, on Texada Island, in southwest BC see;


Museum Pup in France

The second Sopwith Pup built by the Museum is on display for the Vimy commemoration.
(Photo credit: Bob Barrett from Sound Ventures)



Low-flying DC-3

The Museum's DC-3 took to the air twice on a soggy spring day in March. To assist the airport with future plans, the aircraft was moved to the new site of the Museum, to the west of the north-south runway adjacent to Fraser Highway. This entailed lifting the aircraft (weighing in at 17,500 lbs) over a hangar, towing it down the taxiway, then again lifting it over a road into position.
Here's what the move looked like;
The DC-3 is lifted from its previous location near 216 St.
The DC-3 being towed past the Museum.
The second lift being made over the airport service road 
to its final destination adjacent to the new Museum location.


2017 Gala

The Museum held its annual fundraising gala in Langley on 4 March, 2017. Held at the classic Murrayville Heritage Hall, the event was supported by over 100 guests. These included Museum members, business leaders, civic officials and MP John Aldag.
The Gala was titled ‘Springtime in Paris’ to fit with the theme of the Museum aircraft travelling to France for the Battle of Vimy Ridge celebrations in April.
The guest of honour was the Patron of the Museum, BC Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Judith Guichon. Her Honour welcomed the guests and spoke to many of the attendees. After the meal, Her Honour and her Aide-de-Camp, Captain Taius Yoo, excused themselves from the Gala.
Bidding got under way for a number of items including an actual wooden aircraft propeller, a bomber jacket and tickets to Vimy for the celebration and to Ottawa for the Canada Day celebrations. The Mystery Bag draw, a gorgeous ring, was donated by Key Largo Jewellers. Numerous other items were available in the silent auction. The event was kept on track by MC – and auctioneer – for the evening, Scott Barratt, from Creative DJ Services.
Her Honour, Judith Guichon, welcomes Gala guests.
Her Honour with Jasper and the symbolic red poppy.
Her Honour Judith Giuchon, MP John Aldag, Rebecca Darnell and Captain Taius Yoo.
 The Museum would like to recognize the following Gala Sponsors:

Pretty Estates Resort                                 Fraser Blues Formation Flying Team
Chinook Helicopters                               Harbour Air Seaplanes
Air Canada                                                  
Forbidden Vancouver Tours
Backyard Vineyards                                Allan Snowie
Fitness Unlimited Health Club           
Jade Fine Foods
Shoppers Drug Mart                               Lee Hall Epicure Consultant
George Kirbyson                                      Carla Deminchuk
Langley Golf and Banquet Centre     
Von euw BREW                                        
Key Largo Jewelry
Koch Greenhouses                                  David Valentine




The coffee shop adjacent to the Museum is open for business!
Operating hours are from 8am to 4pm from Tuesday to Saturday.
It is under the same management as the famous Chilliwack Airport coffee shop,
that is now closed - sadly for many aviators and local customers.
The Museum - and all of Langley - give a hearty welcome to the Airport Coffee Shop.
Remember their famous slogan;
"I Fly For Pie!"
 So pick a suitable flying day, crank up the Cessna (or the Chevy) and fly in to Langley for a real treat!
While they are getting settled in the new location the selection of pies will be limited.
Check them out on Facebook or call at 604 532-0136.

Museum artifact cooperation

The Museum continues its efforts to cooperate with other museums by trading items that are surplus to the Museum's needs. Although we had a Frazer-Nash gun turret from a Lancaster, there was not much chance of us gaining a Lancaster to go with the turret. The solution was to send our turret to Windsor, Ontario to be fitted to the Lancaster being restored at the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association.

For more on this story, see;

Around the Museum 

The Museum hangar is now restocked with the usual fleet.
Robert admires his handiwork in the refurbishment of the Struchen helicopter.
More information on the Struchen at;
The locally-built Struchen helicopter is now on display at Science World in Vancouver.
The Rotary Wing Restoration Team pose with their latest work. Robert, Alf and Peter
are the team who refurbished the Struchen (rear) and Bensen (front).
Actually, they will restore anything that flies or wheels its way!

Vimy Flight

Don't forget to check out the Vimy Flight website

Vimy Flight

March 2017 Update:
 The seven Vimy Flight aircraft have arrived at the Lille Airport in France via RCAF C-17 transport.
The Pups are unloaded in France from the C-17 for transport to Lens airport...
...followed by the Nieuports.
Update from the Snowie family;
The past few days of managing the biplanes have been extremely busy - an already big job made more difficult by awful weather (cold rain in 20 mph winds with higher gusts). However unwelcoming the elements, the opposite is true of the French, who could not be more friendly and helpful. They are making all the difference. Folks from the airfield in Lens, where the planes will be based, arranged for transport trucks, hangars and anything else needed to position the aircraft. Some Lille airport staff came in on their weekend off to escort us through the tight airport security so we could access the 4 Nieuports which are hangared there until suitable flying weather arrives (the high winds are forecast for at least another week!). The winds were so high we could not taxi, or even walk, the Nieuports (which were flown over here with wings on) to the hangar - we had to strap them on to the flatbed trucks (which were really there to transport the wings-off Sopwith Pups and the SE5 to Lens airport) and drive them over. The good news was that by the time the Nieuports were sorted out, the rain had stopped and we did not have to tarp the wingless aircraft for the 20 mile highway trip - tarps were proving impossible to handle in the winds as it was.
At Comox AFB, on Vancouver Island, the Nieuports were loaded onto the C-17 first...
...followed by the Pups.
The Pups securely located in the giant cargo hold for their trip to the Vimy celebration.

Note: for earlier progress reports, see Collection: Sopwith Pup Replica -


The Skyways Stearman.

The Stearman biplane originally flown by Skyways has been added to the Museum collection. Another yellow biplane for the Museum? Yes, this aircraft, built as a Boeing-Stearman A75N1 in 1942, is one of the most historically significant aircraft to come into the Museum's collection. It was flown by Skyways founder, Art Seller, from Langley for many years. It has been in storage by the family with only brief periods of activity in recent years.
David Seller, son of Skyways founder, Art Seller, donated the aircraft to the Museum at a signing ceremony on 3 November, 2016. Accompanying him were several people who were associated with the original Skyways staff. 
David Seller (R) is presented with a Lifetime Family Membership
on 9 November by Museum President, Bruce Bakker.
For more on the story of Art Seller and Skyways, see;

For the history of the Stearman aircraft, go to;


A Nation Soars:

The Canadian Museum of Flight, in association with Sound Ventures and The Royal Canadian Geographic Society, are participating in the First World War commemorative project Wings of Courage, and Flight Path of Heroes as part of the 'A Nation Soars' program. The CMF is tasked with building, then flying, two replica Sopwith Pup biplanes. After completion of the first Pup the two planes were formally gifted to the CMF to become part of a permanent exhibit.

As part of this program, two replica Nieuport fighters will team up with the Museum aircraft as Vimy Flight. More at
For information on how to donate to help Vimy Flight succeed, go to:

Note: for earlier progress reports, see Collection: Sopwith Pup Replica -

Would you like to learn more about the Sopwith Aviation Company? Look here;

Did you know that the original Sopwith Pup had a ROTARY engine? This is different from the RADIAL engine that is still in use today. Learn more at;



The Official announcement of The CMF participating in A Nation Soars.

The Canadian Museum of Flight, in association with Sound Ventures and The Royal Canadian Geographic Society, will be participating in the First World War commemorative project Wings of Courage, and Flight Path of Heroes as part of the 'A Nation Soars' program. The CMF is tasked with building, then flying, two replica Sopwith Pup biplanes.  Once completed, the two planes are to be formally gifted to the CMF to become part of a permanent exhibit.