AGM Highlights


2017 Museum Annual General Meeting

The Museum held its 2017 AGM on 6 May at the Hangar in Langley, BC. A light meal was served followed by the business meeting. 

President, Bruce Bakker, addresses the gathering.
Volunteer, Ray Fessenden, receives his award from Manager, Mike Sattler, 
in recognition of his dedication in overseeing the construction of the Sopwith Pup aircraft.
The audience watch a video of the SE5 in action at Vimy. 
The video was prepared by Museum volunteer Al French.
(Photo credits: Mike Luedey)
There was discussion on the new Museum Constitution and Bylaws in conformance with the requirements of the Societies Act of B.C.
The election of Board Members resulted in Bruce Friesen, David McIntosh and Bruce Webster being added to the Board. Bruce Bakker, Dave Arnold and Allan Snowie were re-elected to the Board. They join current members, Matt Offer, Rick Church and Rebecca Darnell to complete the CMF Board of Directors.

2016 Annual General Meeting

The Canadian Museum of Flight Annual General Meeting was held in the Museum Hangar in Langley on Saturday, 30 April 2016. About 55 Members and guests enjoyed refreshments before the business meeting started at 7 pm.
President, Bruce Bakker declared that the requirements for a quorum had been met. He welcomed members to the AGM and spoke of the many changes to the organization in the last year. One of these was the retirement of long-time General Manager, Terry Brunner and his replacement with Mike Sattler. Another challenge was the construction to flying status of the Sopwith Pups for the Battle of Vimy Ridge celebrations in 2017.
President Bakker presented the Financial Report and summarized the Museum’s financial position as similar to last year. However, he repeated the notice from the Treasurer that the Museum relies heavily on the Gaming Grant and the fund-raising Gala to continue operations. Other opportunities will be studied.
Mike Sattler, General Manager, presented his report that included a note of thanks to the many volunteers. He noted the presence of Her Honour, the Lieutenant Governor of BC at Member’s Day last year. He spoke of new iniatives planned, including night-time engine runs. He would like to see events in collaboration with museums at Victoria and Comox.
Director, Vic Bentley, gave the Director’s report on Museum operations. He spoke of the wide range of work carried out by Museum volunteers at the hangar and at airshows. Mention was made of the work on the Pup project and the rebuild of the Tiger Moth. The Museum also produces some publications in-house that are available at the Gift Shop.
Dave Arnold, Vice-President, briefed the meeting on the construction of the two Sopwith Pup replicas for the Vimy celebrations in 2017. He said that there were tight deadlines for the handover of the aircraft on June 18. The aircraft will be flown to and from France by the RCAF. On the return journey they would visit many communities across the country in remembrance of the history of Canada in WW1.

The meeting concluded with the election of Directors to the Museum Board. The President advised the members of the election process. He advised that there were five positions open – some for one year and some for two years – and there were six candidates. After the election the President announced the successful candidates; Rick Church, Rebecca Darnell, Matt Offer and Sandi Sideroff.

Museum aircraft wait patiently in the sunshine for the AGM to proceed. 
Members enjoy refreshments and cameraderie before the AGM.


Annual General Meeting, 2015

The Canadian Museum of Flight Annual General Meeting was held in the Museum Hangar in Langley on Saturday, 25 April 2015. About 50 Members and guests enjoyed a buffet meal before the business meeting started.
MC, Bill Findlay, presented the Museum President, Bruce Bakker, who called the Meeting to order and the Minutes of the 2014 meeting were presented. Minor discrepancies were noted for the record.
Museum President, Bruce Bakker, presents his report.
The President reported on the number of challenges successfully handled by the Museum Members and staff in the last year. These included improving the collection in the face of increasing fiscal challenges. As well, he noted the amazing energy and devotion that came to life as a result of the rebuild of the Tiger Moth after its mishap at Delta Heritage Airpark.
The 2014 Financial Statement was presented by the Treasurer, Inder Matharu. He noted the Museum is in an even stronger cash position than it was last year. This is mostly due to the accumulation of cash for the building fund initiative and the Tiger Moth restoration. Revenue was consistent with the previous year.
General Manager, Terry Brunner presented his report to the meeting. He mentioned some of the projects achieved; the Fleet Finch wing repair; the rewiring of the DC-3 to light it up at night; and that the Tiger Moth incident has resulted in a huge amount of support. Of note was the acceptance of The Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia to be Patron of the Museum. Terry paid tribute to Life Director, Bill Thompson who passed away this year.
Veteran Museum Member Doug Moan attended the AGM.
Director, Gord Wintrup gave his report on the proposed new Museum facility. He noted the new location will provide about 50% more land; the first stage would provide about 15,000 sq. ft of display space, plus an upstairs mezzanine level; the cost of the present lease will be reduced to $1 per year. This reduction allows us to go to financial institutes and borrow substantial amounts. He enthusiastically predicted that CMF can be the best little museum in Canada!
The MC advised the Members of the election process. Four Directors had completed their two-year terms and were standing for re-election. As there were no other nominations the four were re-elected; Bruce Bakker, Dave Arnold, Gord Wintrup and Inder Matharu.
  Bruce Bakker spoke of the upcoming retirement of the General Manager, Terry Brunner. He mentioned Terry’s connection to the aviation group in BC. Terry was presented with a lifetime membership to the Museum.
Museum Manager, Terry Brunner (right) receiving his Life Membership from the President.
(Photo credits: Raymond Chouinard)

Annual General Meeting, 2014

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Museum of Flight was held at the Museum on 26 April, 2014. An Asian-style buffet meal was provided by Museum volunteers. The business meeting followed 
at 7 pm.

The Museum's Waco INF provides the setting for the AGM.

Thirty-five Members were present ensuring a quorum for the meeting. The President’s Report was given by Bruce Bakker. He noted the range of successful endeavors achieved by the Museum members and staff in the last year. These included positive comments for Member's Day, TechTalk and Sponsorship Fly Days. The Pancake Breakfasts have become a monthly feature assisting with fund raising. He also spoke of the challenges the Museum faces, such as hangar repairs and keeping a fresh face on the Museum displays.

The Museum’s Financial Report was presented by Treasurer, Inder Matharu. The Revenue/Expenses statement shows the Museum operations are on par with the previous year, a satisfactory result considering the economy. The Building Fund continued to grow, thanks to individual donations and proceeds from the Museum Gala. Overall the statement shows excellent financial control.

Museum Board Secretary, Vic Bentley, provided the Directors’ Year End Report giving details of Museum events. Special recognition was given to General Manager, Terry Brunner and his wife, Doreen, for their activities in support of the Museum. A number of volunteer activities were highlighted - facility repairs, oil sales, aircraft maintenance, airshow sales and consolidating Museum asset storage. Museum aircraft took part in several local airshows and participated in memorial services for individuals and Remembrance Day.

General Manager, Terry Brunner, spoke of his activities in the past year. He included a word of praise for his staff, Jocelyn Statia and Douglas Tait. He noted that it was necessary to get creative with the facilities to keep the revenue flowing - renting the facilities for meetings, weddings and movie shoots were all in progress. The international team of volunteers that assist at the Museum was noted by Terry. 

Past-President, Gord Wintrup, spoke on the progress toward a new Museum facility immediately west of the airport. Planning and engineering studies with Township Council is progressing smoothly. The land area will be about twice that of the present Museum, with the first phase of the building about triple that of the present facility. The local Air Cadet squadron will have space set aside for their activities.

The election of officers was conducted to replace retiring directors, Bruce Friesen and Chris Ryan, and elect new officers. Present Board members Vic Bentley and Mike Luedey were running for a further term. A further four names were put forward for the positions – Mark Capadouca, Matt MacCallum, Matt Offer and Rachel Twine.  The election was held with Vic Bentley, Matt MacCallum, Matt Offer and Rachel Twine being elected to the position of Director.

At the following Board Meeting the officers were elected as follows: Bruce Bakker, President; Dave Arnold, Vice-President; Inder Matharu, Treasurer; Vic Bentley, Secretary. Other members of the Board are Past-President, Gord Wintrup, Matt MacCallum, Matt Offer and Rachel Twine and Life Time Director, Bill Thompson.