The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast cuts a 117,000 square kilometre swath across central British Columbia - the combined area of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. This vast region sweeps from BC’s Pacific coast to the interior mountains, yet has a population of less than 75,000 people.

Rugged mountain ranges, deep fjords, rushing rivers, and a vast volcanic plateau have historically isolated communities from each other, while traditional trade routes have bound the plateau to the coast, carrying the wealth of obsidian and grease.
Now the facility of flight helps anchor a sense of place and bridges this separateness. The aviators of the region have flown this terrain since the first sightings of planes in 1917, and these are the stories they have lived.
The history, personal tragedies, dramatic rescues and daily business of the region have all hung on the ability of gutsy aviators to pull out the stops and, as they say out here, "get ‘er done."
In Flyover, join Chris Harris and Sage Birchwater to feel the wind in your hair, peer through the open door of the aircraft and revel in the stories of wonder and daring.